The Munch (part one)

I’d chose black, patent leather pumps to what I hoped would be a pleasant evening in the city. Friday was finally here, I’d fantasised about it all day long, how would the first meeting with Dex be?. I couldn’t help feeling secretly excited if not, a little anxious, because you never know how such an evening will turn out.

I also have choosen, nice black, lace underwear. The clothing style was ‘casual’ so I opted for black, leather look pants that I knew would make my ass look great. A simple low necked blouse and jacket, finished my outfit. I’d made my eyes a bit darker with grey  eyeshadow and my lips were dark red. I looked good, even if I say so myself. Tim was already waiting for me at the door.

Now there are two things I find terribly uncomfortable at parties, one, I hate being there first and two, hardly knowing anyone. Tim understood that and offered to escort me in. Once inside we went our separate ways, but for now he was my guardian angel.

Tim was sweet, and from the start of our friendship we knew we would never end up in bed together, we had too much respect for each other. I had my fare share of bad experiences with men, who hadn’t always treated me so nice, but then there was Tim who would listen to my sob stories and say something like ‘what kind of asshole would let you go”.

“Yeah, you look good tonight!” He exclaimed enthusiastically, making me blush. The ‘Dom’ in him clearly enjoyed it as he gave me a cheeky wink, kissing my cheek as we walked inside.

At the end of the long corridor, there was a door open, where we had to be. A quick glance inside reassured me that we were not the first, in fact, it was pretty busy to my surprise. We walked to the bar were Tim ordered something to drink. “Red wine?”

“No, thank you” I replied, “just a Coke, I need to keep my head clear” I joked.

Tim laughed, “have you seen him?” I looked around the pub and did not recognise anyone from the photo. I took my cola from Tim and did not nod. “You don’t have to stand with me”, I said to Tim after awhile when I saw his gaze wandering to a nice girl in a red dress. “Are you sure? If there is anything, you just walk to me, promised”? Grinning I answered “Yes, sir”, after a playful tap on my ass he disappeared.

I turned around and wanted to walk to the toilet to check my make-up when I saw him. He stood in a small niche, leaning nonchalantly against the wall. Dex was a fun, spontaneous, yet a mysterious boy who didn’t take a leaf from anyone’s book. He has fascinated me from the start. Don’t ask me why, because I have no answer, but there was something. Chemistry, we clicked, instant attraction, whatever you want to call it, it was there. After a few chat sessions, we exchanged numbers and regularly got in touch with each other. These messages initially remained reasonably sweet, but over time they became increasingly mischievous. When he phoned me once in a while to ask how my day was and I heard his voice, I was sold. His voice immediately gave me butterflies in places that were not always desirable, and I was addicted. We called each other often, our conversations would play over in my mind for days. How could one person have so much influence on me?

I had no idea how long he’d been standing there, he seemed comfortable, as he eyed me from head to toe. He was dressed in smart, grey pants and a light blue shirt. Drink in one hand and the other relaxed in his pocket. He looked at me with a playful look in his eyes and a simple head nod made my legs start to move. Somewhat insecure, I walked towards him, but as I approached, I felt more confident under his gaze. He had a devilish smile and his eyes were dark. When I was almost to him, he stepped forward and rested his hand on my hip, giving me three kisses. “Good evening princess, you look wonderful” he dropped his hand to my buttock and let it rest there. All my senses were immediately sharp through his touch and voice. His aftershave sent my blood race through my body at 120 strokes per minute. And I felt light-headed.

“Are you having a good time?” He asked me as he moved his hand slowly over my buttock towards my hip and then took it away. I nodded. “Very well and I also see you kept to the assignment and put on a string, so you’re a good girl” So he was doing that ?! I could have known that Dex does nothing ‘just’ and I felt stupid that I had not seen this through. “Keep paying attention” said the voice in my head, and I started to blush. “I already regret that I agreed to meet you here,” he whispered in my ear. “Now I have to behave myself for a whole evening” he said, giving me a wink. Since I had come to play the game, I looked at him seductively and said “we do not have to stay the whole evening” His eyes sparkled with pleasure “Why are you so impatient princess? But you misunderstand me, I’m going to stay here the whole evening to see how well you can control yourself. And when I look at your dress and see your stiff nipples, I think you’re going to have a hard time”. Instinctively I pull my jacket a bit further across my chest, which made him chuckle. Damn, I did exactly what he expected me too and again I blushed. “Come and sit with me, we will chat” I did what he asked of me.

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