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I’ve had a great conversation with the people behind Je Joue at the Erofame this year. The stand was beautiful! The boxes of Je Joue are the first thing you see, and immediately after that, the beautiful toys that belong in them. Je Joue stands for design, elegance and sensuality. And you really notice that in everything. It feels like an incredibly luxurious brand, but has very nice (not so luxurious) prices. And I love that! Super nice, good and affordable toys for everyone 🙂

The box on it’s own is beautiful

What is said on the packaging? “Mimi Soft’s motor is designed to a low frequency to give our signature Je Joue oh-so-low rumbling vibrations. With 5 speeds and 7 patterns, Mimi Soft offers a wide range of vibrations – from a gentle purr to a deep rumble.” source;

Price; € 85

Material; Body safe ABS silicone

Length; 8 cm

Width; 4 cm

Waterproof; Yes

Rechargeable / Batteries; Rechargeable with USB cable by magnet

Charging time; 120 minutes for 2 hours of fun

Number of cartridges; 5 intensity levels in 6 different patterns

It looks just like a pebble!

First impressions; Yes, well like I’ve said, the box alone is beautiful! It is a nice small compact box with a feather design and very nice, deep colors. In the middle you see the name Je Joue, and you immediately know that you have something beautiful in your hands. In the box, the Mimi Soft is neatly placed in a kind of bowl, so that it does not roll out. And in addition a small compartment in which the books and charger are. You can close this with some sort of flap, so it looks very smooth. There is no storage bag, but in this case I already know that I will OR keep the toy in the beautiful box (I also do this with my LELO toys) OR I’m always gonna use the Mimi Soft and do not have to put it in anything because it is such a nice toy! The Mimi Soft is waterproof and therefore very easy to clean, or great for a bath! You can charge it using a USB cable, which “clicks” onto the Mimi Soft with a magnet The Mimi Soft is available in many beautiful colors. I asked for the gray variant, this is a limited edition, and I had already seen it on the Erofame and immediately fell in love. It looks like a pretty pebble! I often have a “cuddle stone” in my hands when I am working on something. Some kind of stress ball. I could not let go of this Mimi Soft during our conversation on the Erofame, it feels so good in your hands. It is very light, and feels very comfortable in your hands. The silicone is very smooth and soft, has no seams or edges, so you can keep playing with it

The test; Speaking of … (nice bridge, Morgan!) This Mimi Soft is fantastic! Okay, end of review? No, I can talk about it enthusiastically for hours, because I am really happy with this. I love clitoral vibrators, especially the overlay vibrators, because that’s what these types of vibrators are called. My regular readers know that I don’t have much with air pressure toys (except the WeVibe Melt then) but more with these types of vibrators. My very first lay-on vibrator was the LELO Nea, a toy that is described very negatively by many, but I still use it and think it is one of my finest toys. I like the design very much, they are small and therefore fit comfortably in your hand. This Mimi Soft also has a very soft “nose”, top or tip, whatever you want to call it. And that makes it oh so nice!

The Mimi Soft has 6 different patterns, each of which can be set in 5 intensities. Some will think this is too little, I think if you have found a position that you like, you will stick with it anyway. And the Mimi Soft really has something for everyone. The Mimi Soft has very deep vibrations, and what I find so great and special about this toy is that you can really adjust it very slowly. This makes it really very suitable as a “warm-up”, you can really make it a play moment. Because it feels so nice, I first play with it in my hands to warm it up, and then I use it. I think the Mimi Soft feels really sensual, which makes me feel like playing with it in my hands. How do I use it? I put it upright in length so that it fits nicely between my labia. Then I turn it half a quarter turn (yes, it doesn’t make sense but you know what I mean I think) so not that it is completely in the width in between, but just a little less. As a result, you have the widest surface of your labia and that is really heavenly! And it is simply beautiful! Did I mention it’s beautiful ?!

This Mimi Soft has 3 small buttons on the bottom, in a metal “jacket” which is also the charging point, and therefore magnetic. You switch it on by briefly pressing the + and you scroll through the patterns with the middle button. Want to switch it off ? Then hold down the – button, very simple. Clean with a little warm water, and it can be put back on your bedside table to show it off. A very nice detail is that when the Mimi Soft is charging, a red light is on, but in the Je Joue logo, and that is a heart. Supercute!

Together / alone; THIS.TOY.IS.PERFECT.TO.PLAY.TOGETHER! Again, this Mimi Soft is really perfect to play with! And not so much because of the deep vibrations, it has a nice wide tip, so you are always in the right place, but because of the shape. It really is like a stone! (that’s why I really wanted this one in gray;)) But imagine…. You heat the Mimi Soft in your hands, add a little (warm) water-based lubricant (!) And you massage your partner with this ‘hot stone’. The soft vibrations are really delicious on your body, the shape makes it that you can easily move it, and it is really enjoyable! A wonderful, slow partner massage with a fantastic orgasm at the end. Isn’t that fun ?!

Curious about the Mimi Soft by Je Joue?

You can order it by clicking on this link; JeJoue Mimi Soft

Or you can order it from a Dutch site ( which also ships abroad! ) and support my blog a little bit, through this link

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