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For a while I was very curious about the Manta from FunFactory. Where other bloggers already had it in the first week. I still had so much toys laying around, that I actually forgot it. When I was asked by a company if I might want to test it, I was excited again. Yes, I wanted to!

What are they trying to sell? “You don’t know what you’re missing without Manta. Sex toys made for men are often huge, ugly and difficult to use with a partner. The slim, easy to handle MANTA is designed to be perfect for a wonderful Solo masturbation or to enjoy with your partner. Your penis actually turns into a vibrator when you use the Manta during sex. It is also a great blowjob accessory. ” source;

Price; € 84,95

Materials; Body safe ABS siliconen

Length; 18 cm

Wide; 5,2 cm

Weight; 242 grams

Waterproof; yes

Charger/Batteries; Rechargable true usb, with a magnet

Charging time; 6 hours for 2 hours of fun  

Number of patterns; 12 different variations

First impression; I really wanted the blue Manta, but because it had delivery problems, it turned out to be the green one. My husband was very enthusiastic about the army green color of this Manta. Like all FunFactory toys, the Manta also comes in a nice box with a magnetic charging cord in a nice, cool, red color. When I took the Manta out of the box, I immediately noticed how light it actually was. I expected it to be heavier. It looks very solid, but with its 242 grams it is very manageable and feels great in my hand. Like most FunFactory toys, the Manta also has a travel lock, so it is ideal for traveling. (For the travel lock function, keep the – button pressed for a moment, and to unlock the + button) Take a storage bag with you, because this silicone also attracts dust and fluff like a mold. Just like with most toys, the Manta gets a good inspection and I scroll through all pulsations. There are 12 different ones, and there is quite a lot of variation to be made using the various speeds. The idea of ​​the Manta is that when you use it together, you put the Manta around his penis and when he enters you, you feel it rumbling like a vibrator. Okay, sounds very interesting, but when I feel the vibrations like that, I wonder if I will feel it. The vibrations are often deep (and you do not feel that on your hand) with the FunFactory toys, so I am very curious if the Manta can live up to the expectations. Furthermore, the Manta can also be used very well as a man or woman. As a man you can put it on your penis, really ?! yes sorry … state the obvious, but yes! you can 🙂 But what you might not know is that you can also use it around your penis if it is not yet completely hard, and therefore it is also for men who may have an erection problem. Seems very nice to know! I have hubby tried to fiddle his penis in a cock ring with a semi-soft penis, which was hilarious especially for me, but not really exciting or pleasant for him.

Cucumber for scale ;P

But the Manta is also fun for women! You can put the “lips” of the Manta around your clitoris or your nipple and then play with it. You could also bring in the Manta, but that didn’t feel very pleasant to me. I get more associations with BBQ tongs than with a sex toy. Anywayyyyyyy, the Manta has been marketed as a toy for men, so I tested it on my willing victim and asked for his opinion. I am not a man, I don’t have a penis, so I really don’t know what it feels like … but I think he can put that into words. Although his big smile and his moans said more to me 😉

The test; I had already tried the Manta at ease, and I really like it, but it is a hassle to get it on your clit so that it feels really nice. I personally prefer a rounder head with which I can move a bit. You really have to keep the Manta very quiet or it will shift from your clitoris. I always toss and turn, so it will not be for me. And as it is not for me, we really keep this toy for him.

After his shower I ordered him to lie down on the bed and I have everything neatly ready to spoil him. I often give a penis massage, but tonight I started using the Manta. To really play with the penis, some lubricant is useful, so it always gets a bit “messy” and that is not a problem, but you have to be aware of it. I personally find my Cumpanion ideal for that, so I would definitely check it out. Anyway, penis massage! The Manta has ridges on the inside that should hold the lubricant a little better, and they do, but after half an hour you really have to apply a little bit more. Use a water-based lubricant on this silicone toy, which is better for the Manta.

I’ve made his penis hard with my hand and then used the Manta. I can slide it over his penis very easily and I am told that it feels quite nice and soft. My hands are a bit slippery from the lubricant, but the ring is ideal because it keeps my grip on the Manta and I can use it well. You should get a little bit skilled, but once you get the hang of it, you can easily slide the Manta back and forth over the penis. I slowly increase the tempo and I see him enjoying it. You can play with the Manta, see what he likes and what he responds to. What I like a lot, is that you can use the Manta from any position. You can lie next to him and use him sideways, but you can also sit directly in front of him and use it like that. It remains pleasant for him in every way. One thing leads to another and we used the Manta when he put it on his penis and then came into me. I always think that’s such a hassle with a toy between the two of us, but I must honestly say in the right positions this can be quite pleasant. You have to try out which one of course, but if he is sitting in front of me and I say lying on his lap, with my legs in his neck, at an angle of 90 degrees (are you still following me?) Then you have the space to using the Manta which is quite pleasant. Can it replace a real vibrator? No … but it is nice if you want something different, and don’t want to reach for your vibrator right away.

Then cleaning, that is a hassle with those ridges. If you clean it right away, there is not much going on, but if you fall asleep after sex and have to clean it the next day, it is a bit more work. That lubricant is everywhere.

Together or alone; Well that is obvious. This is a really nice vibrator that you can use together! Don’t be too serious and take the time to discover your partner and the Manta. When we used it, the penis “flopped” out of the Manta sometimes. When you’ve got a good rhythm … * flop * hahahaha! no really, believe me that has happened, but as long as you can laugh about it together it’s a win-win in my opinion 🙂

Curious about the Manta by Funfactory? You can order it here.

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