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From the first time I saw the newest member of the Doxy family, I was instantly in love! Followers know I’m a big fan of my other Doxy 3 (Die Cast) in ‘Candy Red’ which has just such great glitter and a beautiful color. But this 3R is WIRELESS, yes! A wireless Doxy, and I am so curious if it is as good as WITH a cord! On the other hand, if it’s rubbish… then I will probably still use it, because this is by far the most beautiful wall vibrator I have ever seen! Another fun fact, you see the DOM (Date Of Manufacturing) on ​​your Doxy 3R and this Doxy3R was only made a month ago. I think that is such a nice detail! 

The Box, The Travelcase and The Doxy 3R

What are they trying to sell? “Our newest and most endearing product to date, this rechargeable vibrating wand massager gives you the freedom to enjoy Doxy power in a new way.

It has the same neat dimensions and is made with the same high-quality materials as the mains-powered Doxy Die Cast 3. Now, when you’re liberated from the power supply, you can really get to know a whole new Doxy experience. ”


Price; Somewhere between €129 and €165

Material; Body safe ABS silicone and aluminum

Length; 28 cm

width; 4.5 cm

Weight; 367 grams

Waterproof; nope

Rechargeable / Batteries; Rechargeable with USB cable

Charging time; 240 min for 60 min of fun.

Number of cartridges; Vibration continuous and a pulsation mode, which you can set for intensity yourself.

All the glitter!

First impression; People who follow me on Instagram have already seen and heard it, because I am really excited about this new Doxy! I’m afraid my contact at Easytoys (Sorry M!) Got a little tired of me because I couldn’t stop talking about it! Honestly, I would have bought this vibrator myself if I had not received it. I had already seen this 3R at a trade show, and it is really stunning! I love everything with glitter and my other Doxy in the gorgeous Candy Red color is a favorite. I have it continuously connected on my bedside table so that I can always grab it when I want to. So I was actually sure that it would deliver, because the Doxy’s are almost the same. Only this 3R is Rechargeable and can therefore be used wirelessly.

OH MY GOD, the possibilities!!

No more hassle when travelling, that was really a downside of the Doxy3. I was always fighting with the cord. That is ok on your bedside table, but taking it with me I hated the hassle. That cord never folds up the way you would like it to, and it’s always tangled when you unwind it. So whenever I take a wandvibrator with me on a trip, I went for a wireless one. But this is not only useful for traveling, but also for the bedroom. You are never tied to the length of your cord again! You may have noticed…? I think it is ideal 🙂


It is often said that the vibrations are not deep enough of a wireless wandvibrator and that it lacks ‘power’. Well, a wandvibrator doesn’t have to vibrate so hard that my clit is left numb, but I understand what they are trying to say. Usually this concerns the depth of the vibrations. When I took this Doxy 3R out of the package and put it on my nose, it vibrated up to my ears, so that’s all right!

Then the packaging… ..the packaging! The box itself is very nice, but if you take the cover off, you have an apparently simple black box with the Doxy logo on it. If you open the box you really have an ‘OMG’ moment … trust me!

The Doxy comes in an aluminum / titanium ‘travel case’ and that is already beautiful. It is a long brushed aluminum tube with 2 screw caps. The biggest is to “free” your Doxy from the tube and the charging screw is hidden in the small screw cap. So you have everything at hand, neatly tidy, and nobody knows what you have with you. At most they can think that you have a large pepper mill with you, but then you leave them to that illusion;) The tube is sturdy and can therefore take a beating. But besides being very conveniant and sturdy, this tube is just simply beautiful. Also a very nice feature, the tube also has your serial number on it. So you no longer have to keep your box or look for a sticker on your Doxy. Really, it feels so terribly luxurious to own this Doxy 3R! When you take off the screw cap you see the head of the Doxy 3R and it is the same as the other Die Cast models. I know that head and I am very satisfied with it. So nothing new … but then … THE COLOR! The beautiful blue shines at you through all the glitters in it and I really was in awe. It’s such a wonderful piece of craftsmanship. Now blue is my favorite color, and I love glitter, but I don’t think there isn’t a woman who doesn’t like this color. Officially the color is called “Blue Flame”, but I just keep saying “beautiful blue”. If you really do not like blue, I have seen one in matte black, and my oh my, it is really cool! But almost sold out everywhere. So just buy that blue one;)

it easily fits my hand

The test; Normally I have some patience and I can give the toy time to charge, but not with this one. I immediately wanted to use this. Instant hornyness! There’s usually a bit of power left in the vibrators when they come from the factory. So when I could switch it on, I didn’t needed any other reason, and immediately started testing it. Cleaning the Doxy 3R anduse this baby, the charging and a complete test will have to wait. And yessss, it met my expectations. This Doxy 3R does not disappoint at all. And even when it was not even fully charged. The power, the vibrations, the controls, everything feels like my trusted Doxy3 and that is so nice. They have improved, but haven’t changed, a well-known product that works well if you know what I mean. They sometimes say ‘never change a winning team’, but that’s for real. I was afraid that the Doxy 3R would be different from the Doxy3. The only difference is that it is wireless, and it has a nice new color. The storage case is also a very big plus. 

I had a chat with the people behind Doxy a while ago, and then indicated that a travel / storage bag was really necessity. They thought it was a good idea and would consider it. They knew for a long time that they were designing this … little rascals! But the surprise immense. I think nobody expected this, it really takes it to the next level. 

What’s also nice to mention, is that the attachments of the Doxy 3 can also be used on this 3R. You do not put a top over it, like with other wandvibrators (which is always a hassle to get it on properly), you unscrew the entire head and screw your attachment on it. Really conveniant! 

Then the vibrations, which for me really are not inferior to the other Doxy3. I get off this one just as easily (and quickly!) as with the others. The vibrations are deep and very intense. You have the option to switch on the ‘normal’ vibrations and in this you can set the intensity with the + and – buttons. If you hold the ‘power’ button for a moment, you go to the pulsations. Here too you can set the intensity / speed and adjust it to your liking. So you don’t have a menu with various patterns, but frankly I don’t miss it either. I often use the continuous vibrations and to tease myself I sometimes use the vibration patterns. I don’t mind that this is not a disco, but a simple vibration. I get off just as easily. 

The Doxy 3R is therefore very easy to use. However, it is NOT waterproof. You really have to take this into account. If you are a squirter, they even recommend using a condom over the Doxy’s head. The other has a cord, so I never came close to water with it, so I won’t do that very quickly with this one either. Cleaning is just with a damp cloth, and then use a good toycleaner to clean the wand. The head is nice and smooth and soft, so this is very easy. 

can’t stop watching 🙂

Together / alone; I believe I’ve said it before. I really enjoy playing with a wand, I know exactly what I want and where. However, I also enjoy playing together. You can tease someone, massage him/her, whatever you want. I’m guessing you can think of ways 😉 A wandvibrator is also very suitable for men. Use the head under his balls, or under the tip of his penis … you will see results soon enough 😉 And because this Doxy Die Cast range has a nice small head, this is also very easy! The attachments can also help.

Curious about the Doxy 3R? You can order it via this link, at and that will also help my blog a bit! ( It is a Dutch site which also ships abroad )

I receive products to write a review, but this does not mean that my opinion is for sale. You will always read my honest opinion about a product.

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